The Ultimate Guide to Improving Work Performance with Mushrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Work Performance with Mushrooms

Crushing deadlines, nerve-wracking clients and never ending days leaving us on the verge of a burnout. How often have we wished there was a “Limitless” pill to be hyper-focused achieving superhuman results?

Of course there is Ritalin and Adderall, which make you more focused giving you an “edge”. But really? Do we want to go down THAT route and risk long term effects such as permanent damage to blood vessels, insomnia, high blood pressure and potential heart attacks, seizures and strokes? No - not quite.

Now, half of Silicon Valley seems to be microdosing psilocybin these days. It is said to make you hyper-focused zooming in on a task and getting things done plus unlocking your brain to think outside the box. Oh and BONUS - apparently shrooms make you happier, too.

Only catch - most of us are living in countries where psilocybin is illegal and the idea of taking mind altering hallucinogenic drugs before going to work might just feel a tat too adventurous.

However, rumours has it that there is a new kid on the block. Let’s just take a moment and imagine a world where heightened focus, sustained energy, and cognitive clarity are not just achievable but sustainable (AND legal). Picture a natural alternative that not only rivals but SURPASSES stimulants in enhancing performance.

If that made you curious, it’s time to meet medicinal mushrooms – nature’s answer to workplace excellence bio-hacking your mind and body. If you are thinking now that this is probably just another hippie trend, hear me out, because they are backed by science.

The stars of the show when it comes to performance boosters are probably Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps.

Lion’s Mane’s prime benefits include its ability to sharpen focus, boost concentration and improve memory. Plus, latest studies have revealed that this magical mushroom promotes brain cell growth AND decreased liver damage caused by acute alcohol exposure in mice - something which sounds rather appealing these days considering all the festive booze intake we have been guilty of indulging in!

Cordyceps on the other side is THE solution for sustainable energy. The “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” spilled the beans on its power to jack up your energy levels and keep you going. Forget those energy drinks or endless cups of coffee that make you feel like a deflating balloon afterward - Cordyceps is your natural pick-me-up.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? And guess what… There are many others boosting your immunity, metabolism and are even anti-aging!

And it gets even better - incorporating these mushroom rockstars into your routine is easier than convincing yourself you’ll go to the gym every day. Whether it’s popping delicious mushroom gummies or sipping on mushroom coffee (yep, it’s a thing and it doesn’t taste like shrooms!), these fungi are here to make your performance optimisation a walk in the park. Well, more like a stroll through a mushroom-filled forest. You get the drift.

If you are curious now to get your hands onto these bad boys, make sure to check out our website and get yourself an indulgent instant Latte loaded with 8 powerful shrooms or start popping yummy gummies with the powerful extracts of 10 mega mushrooms (obviously lion’s mane and cordyceps included). And 100% legal.

Happy performance boosting and 🍄shrooming!

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