Have you ever thought of the powerful way food connects us? We meet friends over a coffee or meal, cook and eat together with your family or court lovers over a meal - it is in human nature to eat, talk and bond. Though, many believe that food should be solely seen as fuel and not pleasure. I can relate to that as we don't want to put any junk in our bodies. But still, shouldn't we eat with joy and love? 

I don't know about you, but probably by now you can tell that I love food. I love to eat and enjoy food. As I started being more aware turning towards healthy food choices to better fuel my body, I often struggled as I found them not very tasty or let's be honest - plain gross! Hence, over the years I have (almost!) dedicated myself to preparing healthy foods in ways to make them as tasty and enjoyable as "naughty" foods. Taking my health a step further, I started looking at the most potent, nutrient dense options available and come across adaptogens and their miraculous health benefits. 

As I believe that there are most people out there like me who would love to fuel their body the best way possible without compromising the joy of food, I decided to take the leap and create Plant Rebels. Plant Rebel's blends are equally as delicious as they are packed with potent plant power. Enriched with the very best ingredients Mother Earth had to offer. Taste and feel the difference! 

Lots of love,

Stef x