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Natural Tremella Powder

Natural Tremella Powder

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The Ultimate Beauty Superfood

Unveil healthier skin, hair & nails with our premium grade Tremella mushroom powder!
Packed with nature's answer to hyaluronic acid to promote collagen production. Due to its even smaller particles, it’s more absorbent and effective in pulling moisture to the cells. Repairs and improves the skin's barrier function due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Tremella or Snow Fungus as it's called, acts as a protective agent against radiation and harmful UV rays. It’s gel like nature plumps & hydrates the skin, nails and hair from within. It improves skin tone and texture, prevent brittle nails & hair breakage by sealing and locking in moisture.Say goodbye to a thirsty, dull and dehydrated complexion and rediscover a smoother, more youthful bounce


100% pure Tremella Extract powder


Stir ½ - 1 tsp Tremella into your juice / smoothie or warm/hot water for a delicious collagen broth similar to a mild Japanese dashi broth.

Tip - Our Tremella powder can safely be applied topically as a soothing and plumping face mask.



2000mg Tremella per serving


100% plant-based. No artificial additives, bulking agents, chemical preservatives and non GMO. Gluten-free and allergen-free.


To maximise availability of beneficial compounds, a 10:1 dual-extraction process is used to draw out the alcohol soluble and water soluble components. We use this 100% fruiting bodies only.

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  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Anti-Ageing Tremella Powder

  • Made in the UK with Love

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The Beauty & Anti-Aging Mushroom - hydrates the skin from within keeping it smooth and glowing. Its high Vitamin D levels help skin cell growth and repairing which prevents premature skin ageing. Also, Tremella acts similar to an improved hyaluronic acid improving skin texture and elasticity. 


Any questions? We have the answers...

Are the mushrooms you use 'magic' mushrooms?

No! We sell only products containing ingredients which are 100% legal internationally. The mushrooms we use have tremendeous scientifically backed health benefits. We use the 7 essential ones providing you an optimum range of benefits including improved focus and cognitive function, better stamina, immunity, improved mood, sleep, calm, boosted metabolism and anti-aging benefits!

Are your ingredients legal and safe?

All our ingredients are 100% legal and safe. We carefully source only highest quality ingredients of organic origins whenever possible providing maximum potency and effectiveness.

Does this really work?

Absolutely! These mushrooms have been used in traditional chinese medicine for many centuries and their effectiveness is scientifically proven. Tremella has been used in Asia for centuries and is often found in skincare for its anti-aging benefits.

When should I take Tremella?

You can take Tremella any time throughout the day or in the evening.

How soon will I see / feel a difference?

Especially when it comes to beauty, consistent use is key hence we recommend to take Tremella daily for 4-12 weeks continuously. Most people report that they feel their skin looks more hydrated with a beautiful glow.

  • Such an amazing product

    Absolutely love it in my smoothie - tasty and creamy and I can actually see and feel the difference in my skin and hair. I travel with it too as it’s so easily fits in my bag and I can just get a nutritious little boost on the go. I have tried other brands but nothing has made me feel the way this one does.

    KALI L.

  • It becomes a part of my morning routine

    my pores are less noticeable. I have to add that I also I love the subtle taste of mushroom, it reminds me of Japanese dashi and there are a few occasions I would put a heavier dosage just to enjoy the flavour! I will report back after the 2nd month of consumption. am confident that I will be a return customer and I hope they will have bigger package then. Thank you Plant Rebels!

    PATTY C.

  • Finally an all natural, unsweetened vegan collagen alternative

    I was looking for a clean vegan collagen alternative and love this one. I put it in my green juice and sometimes mix it with my skincare. Great quality and price.

    SARA A.

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