Frequently Asked Questions

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No! We sell only products containing ingredients which are 100% legal internationally. The mushrooms we use have tremendeous scientifically backed health benefits. We use the 7 essential ones providing you an optimum range of benefits including improved focus and cognitive function, better stamina, immunity, improved mood, sleep, calm, boosted metabolism and anti-aging benefits!

All our ingredients are 100% legal and safe. We carefully source only highest quality ingredients of organic origins whenever possible providing maximum potency and effectiveness.

The mushrooms present in our blends have been thoroughly studied for their medicinal properties to maintain and promote a state of good health. They have been used for thousands of years in ancient Asia, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine.

Further detailed information on studies conducted can be found here:

We recommend to take our Mega Mushroom Latte or Mega Mushroom Cacao in the morning or any time during the day when you feel like you need an energy boost.

Our Beauty Cacao or Tremella powder can be used any time of the day as well as before bedtime.